The Militia Journal


What is The Militia Journal?

An excerpt from the founder. 

"The Militia Journal is a series of journal posts from all of the Mango Militia contributors. It is the giant box of stories and displays. Every contributor's individual journal entries will also be displayed  here - together in one journal."

Our entries aren't just what we were up to this past weekend. No, it is much more than that. Along with all of the updates and announcements that go along with what you would expect from a collaborative journal, you'll find that each contributor's writing is deep and raw. From small daily challenges to the hardest unbearable treatments of life, our passion is that you get a real vision for what fuels our fires. What drives us to succeed. What compels us to make changes not only in our lives, but the lives around us. What brings out the best and the worst in us. How can we be of service to those who came before us? How can we better the world around the ones we love? Adventures in the mountains, at the skatepark, at the crag, and on the biggest waves all teach us valuable lessons to apply to the battles of everyday life. Together we're making our daily battles a little easier. Together we're making changes. Together we're loving the adventures out there and learning to apply those adventures right here. 

Jacob Catama

Founder, Mango Militia

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