Core Collective


Joel Aldous


Photography - Journalism - Skateboarding - MM athlete - San Diego, Ca

A San Diego local, Joel has a relentless attitude to better himself in every aspect of his life. He is a daily hustler, getting work done so that he can play in the playground we call the world. Joel has been skating for as long as he can remember. It has played a huge role in his life and has lead him to knowing the people he knows, growing with the people he has, and discovering new open doors during every step of the way. Follow Joel's ride through life in his always up to date, always funny, always adventurous journal here.

Photo by: Ben Maiava


Jacob Catama


photography - Videography - journalism - rock climbing - mountaineering - California

When life allows him and sometimes when he decides to overrule life's responsibilities, J.T. will choose to be under nothing but the sky. Jacob Troy is a senior in college, about to graduate with a degree in Exercise and Sports science. He finds himself somewhat nervous about what the world expects him to do in the immediate future. But Jacob was never one to enjoy planning. He believes in following his passions - wherever that may lead him. Jacob is passionate about capturing and displaying his adventures through photo, film, and story. He also has a strong fire for conserving the outdoors that we call home. Whether it's ascending or descending the mountain, sinking or swimming in the ocean, follow J.T.'s adventures here.

Photo by: Joey Catama


Simon Bell


Photography - journalism - Adventurer - Sebastopol, Ca

"What can I bring to the table?" That is the question that Simon asks himself everyday. It is a constant reminder to himself that he is on this earth for reasons bigger than himself. Simon is driven by a fire to grow and change. Whatever opportunity presents itself, Simon takes it. He is a talented photographer, writer, and a great companion. Follow Simon's journeys to grow in himself and those around him. 

Photo by: Corrinne Pickle


Photography - Videography - journalism - Longboarding - Encinitas, Ca

Photographer Cole Beal is a student and surfer out of Encinitas, California. Cole is a Freshman at Point Loma Nazarene University where he is studying Business Management Entrepreneurship.  He possesses a passion for classic-style surfing, the ocean, and everything to do with the outdoors. Cole's photography style has a mission: to get people who see his work to get off of their couches and get out there and live! He is conscious about keeping  our environment preserved, and advocates for living a sustainable life. Cole is supported by: LowePro Bags, Bather Trunk Co., and Matuse Inc. Wetsuits.

Social Media: @colebeal


Photo by: Timmy Metcalf


Joey Catama


Rock climbing - photography - journalism - MM athlete - Los Angeles, Ca

Most of Joey's life is spent outside. He is a decorated athlete, having competed at the junior olympic level in track and field, and the national level in rock climbing. Although track and field is now in the past, 16 year old Joey has committed himself to climbing everything and anything he can set himself on. He is one of the most dedicated, disciplined, and intelligent athletes you will ever come across. Follow his journal to get a glimpse of his quiet but rambunctious nature, and unparalleled drive. 

Photo by: J.T. Catama


Ian Kizanis


photography - journalism - San Luis Obispo, Ca

Ian is an adventurer and writer from the beautiful city of San Luis Obispo. The outdoors inspire him and curiosity for people shape most of his writing. He is a experienced photographer and loves to use his pictures to further tell the stories of those he comes into contact with. 

Photo by: J.T. Catama


Kiana Fores


Surfing - photography - journalism - MM athlete - Kauai, HI

Kiana is the true definition of a mermaid on land. She is passionate about the ocean and all that surrounds her. She sees everything with her love lens on and her heart. Kiana has been surfing for about 15 years and grew up on the Island of Kauai. Being raised on the island of Kauai has shaped Kiana into the person she is today. She is conscious of her environmental impact on society and strives to inspire others to be aware as well. Kiana always has a smile on her face and salt in her hair. Salty yet sweet would be the best way to sum Kiana up. She is currently a student at PLNU and works hard to balance her surfing lifestyle with her academic pursuits. She aspires to travel the world and surf, sharing with people her passion and love. 

Photo by: Steve Morissette


Lindsay Vertullo



“My goal in each thing I create is to get people to fall in love with what I love.” This is what Lindsay Vertullo strives to do in everything she does, especially through her film-making and photography. She has a gift of being able to see the vibrancy in the world around her. She is a natural born storyteller and also holds passions in traveling, screenwriting, music and history. “Find something you love and just run with it,” is what Lindsay believes everyone should do in life. Follow Lindsay’s journey as she captures the world around her in her journals. 


Advocate Collective

The Mango Militia Advocates program is an extensive collective of artists and/or athletes from various backgrounds. They are friends and colleagues. The MM Advocates contribute individually to The Mango Militia in their own unique ways.