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What Is Mango Militia?

Mango Militia Productions is a collaborative community of like minded artists with a passion in capturing adventures through their individual fields.

Mango Militia aims to create a community where adventures are shared through art and story.

Ranging from photography to painting, film to graphic designing, each artist is dedicated to growing and learning together.

Beyond the message of finding and creating your adventure story, Mango Militia is dedicated to creating appreciation for the outdoors.

Though our planet is awesome and grand, it is also fragile. Without our oceans, beaches, national parks and land forms, our adventures would have no playground, and no canvas for the artists.

Stay tuned for ways to join us in saving the outdoors and ways to collaborate with us.


We are non-stop all the time. We are always in search of the next project.

Mango Militia is open to working with other artists, companies, and/or athletes. We offer a variety of artists in a variety of fields. Please contact us for more information!

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